12 Tips to Stay on Track This Thanksgiving

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  1. Eat breakfast as permitted by your plan on Thanksgiving Day.

  2. Drink your water throughout the day.

  3. Before you consume your Thanksgiving meal, you should have at least two protein supplements.

  4. Enjoy the turkey but avoid the skin and select white meat which is lower in calories and fat.

  5. If a green salad is available, make it part of your meal or bring a salad as a dish to pass.

  6. Enjoy vegetables and use green vegetables to fill your plate.

  7. You may enjoy small “no thank you” portions of potatoes, cream casseroles and stuffing. Avoid bread and rolls.

  8. Use gravies and other sauces sparingly.

  9. Avoid the empty and dehydrating calories of alcoholic beverages.

  10. Before you consider dessert, consider an extra portion of turkey or vegetables.

  11. Enjoy dessert, select one and keep the portion small.

  12. Start back on your regular plan as soon as you start your day. If there are leftovers, leave them for someone else.