Training Your Taste Buds

Updated:  4/11/18 Practice these tips to train your taste buds!

Research has shown that many junk food-related cravings are learned behaviors over time, fueled by years of exposure to these foods.  Luckily, it's never too late to train your taste buds to crave healthier foods!

Try these tips to help curb your cravings AND stay on track toward your weight loss goal.

1. Reduce the Amount of Junk Food Consumed Frequent intake of sugary, fatty, or salty foods can addict and dull your taste buds and over time, you may need to consume more of these foods to reach the same level of satisfaction. Fortunately, the opposite is also true.  The less of a food you eat, the less of it you need to get a rush. Make small, achievable goals to reduce the junk food you eat.

2.  Try, Then Try Again Try new foods!  You will be surprised how tastes change over time.  A food you once used to dislike, may now be your favorite!

3.  Mix the Old with the New If greens or vegetables are not your favorite when it comes to taste, try pairing them with something you do like!  Add garlic, fresh herbs, and fresh spices to kick up the flavor in servings of vegetables.

4.  Don't Follow Your Nose It may not be the flavor of a healthy food you dislike, but the smell.  To make unpleasant smelling vegetables more tempting, boil or steam them to remove sulfurous (stinky) compounds. Then try serving them in a different room than they were cooked and prepared in.

5.  Keep Up Appearances Attractive plating of your food can increase your interest in the meal.  One study has shown diners rating artfully arranged salads as 18 percent more delicious than less attractive salads containing the exact same ingredients.

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