Cabbage Wrapped Beef Shumai

Updated:  1/31/19
It's National Cabbage Day!  It's the perfect time to try out a new Cabbage recipe before St. Patrick's Day or create your own healthy Dim Sum spread.  Our Cabbage Wrapped Beef Shumai is packed with flavor and sure to be a hit!

Cabbage Shiu Mai.jpg


1 Protein
2 Vegetables

Suitable for Fast Track Patients

1 cup Cabbage Leaves
1 serving Ground Beef
1/2 cup Zucchini, shredded and pressed free of excess liquid
2 Green Onions, root removed and minced
1 tsp. fresh grated Ginger
1/4 tsp. Salt-Free Chinese Five Spice Blend

Place the cabbage leaves in a pot, fill it with warm water, and bring it to a boil. Turn heat down to a low boil with lid still on and continue cooking until leaves become soft.

Place leaves in a colander, rinse with cook water, and use either towels or a salad spinner to get rid of excess water.

Combine the remaining ingredients in a medium bowl and mix until well combined. Layer a bamboo steamer with a circle of parchment paper or a plate.

Then, place a leaf in your hand molding it into a cup-like shape. Fill the middle with the beef mixture. Press into the meat as you close up the cabbage leaf so they stick to each other, folding the top edges together like a gathered coin purse. Nestle it in the bamboo steamer. Continue until all of the meat mixture has been used.

Fill the bottom of your wok with water and place steamer into the wok (it should not be touching the shumai). Bring the water to a simmer and cook until beef is fully cooked, 25 minutes.