Charred Spiced Corn

Updated:  9/27/18

We couldn't resist sharing another tasty corn recipe for National Corn on the Cob Day 🌽- Charred Spiced Corn 🌽

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1 Starch

Suitable for Fast Track Patients

1 Ear of Corn
Unflavored Cooking Spray
Ground Paprika
Ground Turmeric

Place the corn in a frying pan on high heat, and allow the corn to char all the way around, turning every 3 - 4 minutes until the corn is tender and charred to your liking.

Spray with unflavored cooking spray, season with pepper, paprika and turmeric to taste. Roll the corn around to make sure it is evenly seasoned all over.

Cut corn off of the cob into a bowl.

1/4 cup = 1 Starch Serving.