Fruit and Vegetable Water Infusions

Infused water is an excellent way to add flavor to water while staying hydrated and getting your recommended water intake each day. Try mixing a variety of different fruit, vegetable, and herb combinations to get a drink with delicious flavor and color, without added calories and sugar.

Suggested Ingredients: Cantaloupe, diced or balled Muskmelon, diced or balled Cherries, pitted and halved Pineapple, cut into chunks Watermelon, diced or balled Strawberries, sliced Orange, slices Lemon, wedges Lime, wedges Cucumber, sliced Celery Fresh Mint Leaves, chopped Basil, chopped Water Ice

Clean all ingredients. Place serving of fruit, vegetable or herb into a pitcher. You can pre-freeze the prepared fruit before placing into the water if desired.

If fruit is consumed, this counts as a serving of fruit on your Meal Plan.