Chocolate Raspberry Milkshake

Did you know that this week is 'American Chocolate Week'?  What better way to celebrate than with MWLC's Chocolate Raspberry Milkshake! Image result for chocolate raspberry shake

Servings: 1 Dairy 1 Fruit 1 Nutritional Supplement

Ingredients: 8 oz. 1% Low-Fat Milk 1 serving fresh, or frozen, Raspberries 2 drops Banana Extract 1 MWLC Chocolate Pudding Shake Nutritional Supplement 3 Ice Cubes

Preparation: Pour the 8 oz. serving of 1% milk into a blender. Next, add the Chocolate Shake Supplement, one serving of fresh or frozen raspberries, and 3 ice cubes into the blender. Blend until smooth. Add 2 drops of banana extract into the shake mixture and blend all ingredients for a few more seconds. Top with a mint leaf and enjoy while it is fresh.

St. Patrick's Day Shake

Looking for a healthier version of a St. Patrick's Day Shake?  Look no further!  Add a dash of Mint extract for an extra hint of flavor! Happy St. Patrick’s day! 🍀💚


1 Nutritional Supplement

*Suitable for Fast Track Patients

1 Vanilla Pudding Shake Nutritional Supplement
6 oz. Water
Green Food Coloring
Mint Extract, optional

Mix Nutritional Supplement, water, ice, and a few drops of green food coloring in a blender. Garnish with shavings from a Chocolate Mint Bar or add mint extract.

Apple-Cabbage Smoothie

Trouble getting veggies in?  Blending them in smoothies can help, and the fruits will mask the veggie flavor!


Apple Cabbage Smoothie


1 Nutritional Supplement
1 Vegetable
1 Fruit
1 Dairy

Suitable for Fast Track

1 MWLC Strawberry Creme Nutritional Supplement
1 small Apple
1 cup Red Cabbage
1 serving Low-Fat Milk (Substitute with water if following a Fast Track Meal Plan)
1 tsp. Vanilla Extract
Freshly grated ginger, to taste (optional)

Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender until smooth.

Chef Bobby's MWLC Fire Shot

Curious about the benefits of Chef Bobby's MWLC Fire Shot? Ginger – This antimicrobial antioxidant will help eliminate congestion, fight the chills, and treat fevers.  It’s fragrance and spice is very powerful, so start small and work your way up.  In addition, ginger does not only help in warming you on a cold day, but can help promote healthy sweating, which is very much helpful during colds and flu.

Lemon – Excellent at treating sore throats, coughs, and relieving sinus pressure, lemons are also extremely high in vitamin C and citrus acid.  This helps in the fight against infection.  And it doesn’t just end there, lemons have been known to contain medicinal values and antibacterial properties.  It also has traces of iron and vitamin A.

Turmeric – This natural antiseptic is extremely high in antioxidants and has very powerful inflammation fighting properties.  It’s been used widely to reduce sinus inflammation and relieve sinus based headaches.

Studies have shown that acetic acid in apple cider vinegar may lead to weight loss in several ways:

  1. Lowers blood sugar levels: In one rat study, acetic acid improved the ability of the liver and muscles to take up sugar from the blood.
  2. Decreases insulin levels: In the same rat study, acetic acid also reduced the ratio of insulin to glucagon, which might favor fat burning.
  3. Improves metabolism: Another study in rats exposed to acetic acid showed an increase in the enzyme AMPK, which increases fat burning and decreases fat and sugar production in the liver.
  4. Reduces fat storage: Treating obese diabetic rats with acetic acid or acetate protected them from obesity and increased the expression of genes that reduced belly fat storage and liver fat.
  5. Burns fat: A study in mice fed a high-fat diet found a significant increase in the genes responsible for fat burning, which led to less body fat buildup.
  6. Suppresses appetite: Another study suggests acetate may suppress centers in the brain that control appetite, which can lead to reduced food intake.

Bottom Line: Animal studies have found that acetic acid may promote fat loss in several ways. It can reduce fat storage, increase fat burning, improve blood sugar and insulin response, as well as reduce appetite.

Chef Bobby’s MWLC Fire Shot

All Freedom and Fast Track Meal Plans

Ingredients: 4-5 knuckles Ginger 3 Lemons   3 knuckles Turmeric   1 tsp. Cayenne Pepper  1/2 cup Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar Fresh Mint Leaf

Preparation: Gather all recipe ingredients and make sure everything is properly cleaned and washed.  Add the ginger, lemon, and turmeric into a juicer, making sure the juice is properly extracted.  Pour juice from juicer into a 2 liter glass pitcher and add the apple cider vinegar.  Add 1.5 liters of water and enjoy over ice or simply drink it chilled.  Always store in the refrigerator.  Garnish with a fresh mint leave and enjoy!

Fruit and Vegetable Water Infusions

Infused water is an excellent way to add flavor to water while staying hydrated and getting your recommended water intake each day. Try mixing a variety of different fruit, vegetable, and herb combinations to get a drink with delicious flavor and color, without added calories and sugar.

Suggested Ingredients: Cantaloupe, diced or balled Muskmelon, diced or balled Cherries, pitted and halved Pineapple, cut into chunks Watermelon, diced or balled Strawberries, sliced Orange, slices Lemon, wedges Lime, wedges Cucumber, sliced Celery Fresh Mint Leaves, chopped Basil, chopped Water Ice

Clean all ingredients. Place serving of fruit, vegetable or herb into a pitcher. You can pre-freeze the prepared fruit before placing into the water if desired.

If fruit is consumed, this counts as a serving of fruit on your Meal Plan.

Fruit and Vegetable Infused Water

Updated: 6/19/18 Infused water is an excellent way to add flavor to traditional drinking water and increase your water intake.  Be creative with fruit, vegetable and herb combinations to create a drink with great flavor and color, without the added sugar and calories!

Suggested Ingredients: Peaches, pitted and cut into wedges Strawberries, quartered Blueberries Cucumbers, sliced Lemons, cut into wedges Limes, cut into wedges Oranges, cut into wedges Watermelon, cut into wedges Mint leaves Basil Leaves Water Ice

Preparation: Place desired servings of fruit, vegetable or herb into a pitcher or glass.  Fill glass or pitcher with water and ice, if desired.  Refrigerate until chilled and drink cold.  Enjoy!

Original Article Here:  https://www.ahealthiermichigan.org/2017/07/07/delicious-fruit-and-vegetable-infused-waters/