Tilla A.

lost 40 lbs. in 18 weeks at MWLC Troy*


My story…

I struggle to put my health first! I was a caretaker for my mother and brother. I gained 40 lbs. in 5 years. When I joined MWLC, I had made up my mind to take back my life AND my body. I work 40+ hours every week and the struggle was real. I had no confidence left. Now I’m ALL GOOD!

How has my life changed?

I can tell you, I feel amazing inside and out! My clothes feel sexy again on me. Wearing jeans was unflattering and uncomfortable, but now I grab my size 28’s and run to any event in style! I was taking meds for I.B.S. for years and now I am med free! MWLC taught me how to eat to stay thin and feel great! I rode my bike 20 miles last night and before losing the weight, I would be lucky to get in 5 miles.

My advice to others…

I would hands down choose MWLC over any other program for many reasons.

  • The protein bars are so good tasting!

  • The staff was so educated and kind.

  • The hours worked best with my busy life.

  • The plan was simple & affordable.

Tabitha has been particularly helpful to my weight loss. She was/is always very supportive & interested in my journey and extremely knowledgeable. All of the ladies including Rania & Many Ann have been a pleasure to work with and I will continue to recommend MWLC to all of my personal clients in need of a similar life change. These ladies re-wired me!

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