Sweet and Salty Cream Cake

Do you have a sweet tooth? Try our Sweet and Salty Cream Cake, courtesy of Jen from Warren Clinic!

Sweet & Salty Cream Cake.jpg

Sweet and Salty Cream Cake

2 Nutritional Supplements
1 Bar

Suitable for all Freedom meal plans

1 MWLC Chocolate Fudge Cake Nutritional Supplement (Prepared)
1 MWLC Vanilla Pudding Shake Nutritional Supplement  (Prepared as Pudding)
1 MWLC Sweet and Salty Bar (Melted)

Spread the prepared Vanilla Pudding on the prepared Chocolate Fudge Cake and let stand for 5-10 minutes.  Spread the melted Sweet and Salty Bar on top of the Vanilla Pudding.  Enjoy!