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Chocolate Brownie Fudge

Our Chocolate Brownie Fudge is sweet, rich, and absolutely delicious! If you've been working hard toward your goals, take a moment to whip up this healthy treat.


Chocolate Brownie Fudge


1 Supplements
1 Snacks

1 Chocolate Pudding Shake Supplement
4 oz. Water
1 Brownie Snack Bar, melted

Cut snack bar into small pieces and add 2 oz. water, microwave 2 minutes, stir, microwave an additional 2 minutes.

Add dry chocolate pudding shake supplement and just enough water to make a very thick batter. Blend until creamy and refrigerate overnight.

Can Metformin extend your life?

Can Metformin extend your life?

December 29, 2015

The report in the UK's Daily Telegraph about the possibility that Metformin, a drug which is commonly used to treat diabetes and obesity could help extend our lives is exciting news! MWLC prescribes Metformin to help control weight, so the news could have a big impact on our patients.


It is important to note that there are many other factors which have to be taken into consideration for Metformin to really be considered a life extender, particularly those which cause damage at a cellular level - such as poor diet, the effect of GMOs, poor protein sources, lack of physical activity and abuse of prescription medication.