Vegetable Turkey Stuffed Cups

Updated: 6/19/18

Looking for a creative way to use those Thanksgiving leftovers?  Instead of the traditional turkey sandwich, try this delicious breakfast recipe!  This recipe is an easy way to keep those turkey leftovers a part of your meal plan all week long for National Turkey Lover's Month.

Vegetable Stuffed Turkey Cups

VegT Cups.jpg

1 Protein
1.5 Vegetables
0.5 Starch
1 Nutritional Supplement

1 portion Turkey Breast, fresh
1/8 cup Corn
1/8 medium White Onion, thinly chopped
1/2 cup Celery, finely chopped
1 cup Mushrooms, diced
1 MWLC Cream of Chicken Soup Nutritional Supplement, dry
1/2 clove Garlic, minced
1 tsp. Sage
1 Tbsp. Poultry Seasoning Mrs. Dash, to taste
Ground Black Pepper, to taste
Unflavored Cooking Spray

Spray the bottom of a medium skillet with unflavored cooking spray. Place the mushrooms, corn, celery, and onion in the skillet. Next, over medium heat, cook them for 4-5 minutes, or until softened.

In small non-stick skillet, spray unflavored cooking spray and add the chopped turkey breast. Stir and cook the turkey for 5 minutes or until turkey is thoroughly cooked. Mix all the seasonings, the supplement, turkey, vegetables, and starch together in a medium bowl. Add enough water to moisten, but not too much.

Spray muffin tin with unflavored cooking spray and place the mixture filling each tin 3/4 way full. Bake at 350 degrees for at least 15 minutes. Enjoy!

(Not recommended to make less than 4 servings. This recipe is for 1 serving.)

5 Ways to Spice Up Your Popcorn

It's 'National Popcorn Day'!  Skip the butter and salt....and spice up your popcorn with these Popcorn seasoning recipes 1. Cajun Popcorn Seasoning - Combine all ingredients in a jar and shake mixture well.  Season popcorn serving to taste.

Ingredients: 2 Tbsp. Sweet Paprika 2 Tbsp. Garlic Powder 1 Tbsp. Cayenne Pepper 1 Tbsp. Chili Powder 1 Tbsp. Black Pepper 1 Tbsp. Dried Oregano 1 Tbsp. Onion Powder 1/2 Tbsp. Ground Nutmeg (optional)

2. Garlic Herb Popcorn Seasoning - Add all ingredients to a bowl, mix well.  Store in an airtight container.  Season popcorn serving to taste. 

Ingredients: 2 Tbs. Dried Rosemary 2 Tbs. Dried Thyme 4 tsp. Fennel Seeds 4 tsp. Garlic Powder 2 tsp. Dried Marjoram 2 tsp. Dried Sage

3. Mexican Cocoa Spiced Popcorn - Add all ingredients to a bowl, mix well.  Store in an airtight container.  Season popcorn serving to taste. 

Ingredients: 2 Tbs. Ancho Chile Powder 2 Tbs. Smoked Paprika 1 Tbs. Ground Cumin 2 tsp. Dried Oregano 2 tsp. Unsweetened Cocoa Powder 1 tsp. Freshly Ground Black Pepper

4. Apple Cinnamon Popcorn - Mix ingredients with serving of popcorn and enjoy!

Ingredients: 1 small Apple, chopped in small pieces 2 Tbsp. Ground Cinnamon

5. Pumpkin Pie Popcorn - Combine all ingredients in a jar and shake mixture well.  Season popcorn serving to taste. 

Ingredients: 4 tsp. Cinnamon 2 tsp. Ground Ginger 1 tsp. Freshly Grated Nutmeg 1 tsp. Ground Allspice 1/2 tsp. Ground Cloves

Cooking with Kids



Cooking is a great way to bring kids and parents together and encourage healthy eating!  Here's 3 reasons why cooking with your children is important and how to get started.

3 Reasons to Cook with Kids:

1. Cooking can be a great learning experience!  Having children participate in the cooking process can help them learn basic math skills (counting, weighing, measuring) and develop language.  Try creating a menu together and learning the nutrition involved in the menu. Discuss the food groups and what types of foods fit into each group.

2. Cooking promotes a feeling of responsibility and encourages healthy eating.  Teach kids about why foods are considered "healthy" or "unhealthy" and encourage cooking with fruits and vegetables.  Involving children in the food preparation process promotes more mindful food choices and eating patterns.  Also, the more invested in the meal, the more likely the child is to enjoy it - kids are much more likely to eat food they make themselves.

3. It teaches your kids a basic and essential life skill!  Cooking is an important skill and involving children at an early age helps set them up for future success.

How do you start cooking with your kids?  Start with an easier dish, or breakfast on the weekends where you have more time and let them try out the below tasks.

Cooking Tasks for Young Children:

1. Adding ingredients to a mixing bowl. 2. Stirring batter. 3. Assembling a pizza or sandwich. 4. Tearing apart food (such as lettuce). 5. Drying greens in a salad spinner. 6. Setting the table for the meal.

Cooking Tasks for Older Children:

1. Peeling fruits and vegetables (with a small peeler). 2. Mashing potatoes. 3. Stirring ingredients. 4. Rolling out dough and using cookies cutters. 5. Rinsing vegetables. 6. Squeezing lemons or limes with a plastic juicer. 7. Grating cheese. 8. Cracking eggs. 9. Measuring ingredients.

Chocolate Brownie Fudge

Our Chocolate Brownie Fudge is sweet, rich, and absolutely delicious! If you've been working hard toward your goals, take a moment to whip up this healthy treat.


Chocolate Brownie Fudge


1 Supplements
1 Snacks

1 Chocolate Pudding Shake Supplement
4 oz. Water
1 Brownie Snack Bar, melted

Cut snack bar into small pieces and add 2 oz. water, microwave 2 minutes, stir, microwave an additional 2 minutes.

Add dry chocolate pudding shake supplement and just enough water to make a very thick batter. Blend until creamy and refrigerate overnight.